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About Me

I'm Becca, a digital marketing expert with over 10 years helping arts, cultural and purpose-led organisations reach and engage audiences.

As an established, adaptable and resourceful marketing professional, I combine 10 years+ experience with the latest knowledge to help streamline my clients' efforts and build audiences and revenue with training, campaign management and consultancy. 

More on how I help

I am also the founder of The Latch, a website dedicated to opening the door to career opportunities in the cultural and performing arts sector.


My Values

Curiosity -  I love understanding what makes people tick. While crafting audience-centred campaigns is key, understanding your work and goals is also central to my approach.

Creativity - Because being creative is fun, but it's also how you stand out from the crowd.

Straightforward - I'm highly practical in my approach and I don't do jargon or woolly 'one size fits all' strategies. Also, if I don't feel I'm right for the job, I'll always be upfront about this and try and find you someone who is. 

Open - I don't hoard knowledge or information. I love sharing insights and tips with clients to build long term learning. 

Friendly - I'm just nice to work with. Simple as. 

My Clients


Some past and present clients include:

Get In Touch

Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Drop me an email below and let's talk:

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